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Information note of the company Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A. pursuant to art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 – Personal Data Protection Code intended for the Users interacting with the Company's web services.

User means the customer, prospect, supplier, and any individual visiting the web site on an occasional basis.

The information note refers to the website “” and not to other websites possibly visited by means of links.


This website is owned and managed by Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A..

After visiting this website, data related to identified or identifiable natural/legal persons can be processed pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A., in compliance with the privacy protection regulations adopted on the national territory, shall guarantee the users' privacy and personal data security, including for visits to the website from abroad. This page outlines the management procedures of the website for the purposes of the personal data processing of the Users visiting it.

Detailed information notes pursuant to art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 - Personal Data Protection Code are provided from time to time on the pages where specific instruments are made available by the Company (e.g. forms and registration sheets, etc.) for inquiries, submitting resumes or any other type of contact.

Such information notes are aimed at outlining data processing restrictions and methods related to each modalities for contacting, on the basis of which the User will give or will not give his/her consent to and authorize data collection and subsequent use.


DATA CONTROLLER: HITACHI SYSTEMS CBT S.P.A. – Via Francesco P. Da Cherso, 30 – 00143 Rome

Taxpayer’s code 03705590580; VAT Reg. number 01230291005

Share capital: € 1,800,000 fully paid-up - C.C.I.A.A.: 448372 - Registered with the Court: 4127/79 - REA no.: VE – 330005

Company subject to direction and coordination by Hitachi Systems Ltd as provided for by article 2497 bis of the Italian Civil Code. Tel.: +39 06 519 931; PEC (certified e-mail address):


Data processing involving the web services provided by this website is performed both at the Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A headquarters and the third-party Data Center hosting the company’s IT infrastructure.

All activities connected to data processing, organization, management and technology-related activities are solely carried out by the Company’s technicians or by people in charge of data processing performing maintenance services.


Navigation data

During normal operation, the IT systems and software procedures involved in the functioning of this website acquire some personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of the Internet communication protocols or is used in order to improve the service quality.

This information is not collected in order to be associated to identified users, yet, due to its nature, it might allow the users’ identification, when associated and combined with data held by third parties.

These data include IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by those accessing the website, URI addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code showing the status of the reply given by the server (successful, error, etc.) as well as other parameters concerning the user’s operating system and IT environment.

These data are exclusively used to gather anonymous statistic information on the use of the website and to control its correct operation and are deleted immediately after their processing. Data may be used to assess liability in case of supposed computer crimes to the detriment of the website: except for this circumstance, currently the data on web contacts are not stored for more than 7 days.

Data submitted voluntarily by the User

The personal data submitted by Users through the express and voluntary transmission of requests by using the email published on the website (sending of resumes, inquiries, contact requests, etc.) imply the collection of user’s email address as well as of any other personal data included in the email.

These data are solely used to carry out the requested service (e.g. information on products and services, job applications, contacts, feedback on the website, etc.)

Furthermore, specific privacy information notes and related requests for data processing consents are published on the website pages. They are provided by Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A. in order to allow the User to send inquiries on the services (e.g. demos and quotations on products and services, information or registrations to events or seminars, requests to receive promotions and marketing communications, etc.) by filling in specific forms, registration sheets and by subscribing to the newsletter. The information notes also state the relevant data processors, if any. In these cases, with the express consent of the User, the personal data collected may also be used to:

· assess the User’s interest in the Company, as a prospect or supplier;

· carry out marketing and communication activities;

· inform about events and seminars.

Data processing shall be always carried out according to the principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency, as well as protecting the confidentiality of said data as provided for in the Italian legislative decree no. 196/03.


As stated on the information note made available to the User upon access, this website makes use of cookies, including third-party cookies.

For more details on cookies, please refer to the complete Cookies Policy (inserire link sulla scritta Cookies Policy) published on the website.


Except for navigation data and cookies, the User can freely decide whether to provide or not his/her personal data by sending emails to request information, by filling in forms to obtain information and marketing materials. Failure to provide such data may result in the impossibility to obtain what requested.


Personal data are processed manually or using electronic and IT means, in a lawful and fair manner in order to fulfil the purposes for which said data were collected and for the time that is strictly necessary to achieve said purposes.

Specific security measures are adopted to prevent data losses, unlawful or incorrect uses and unauthorized accesses. In particular, personal data are protected through the adoption of the minimum measures as provided for by articles 33, 34 and 35 and by Annex B of the Italian Legislative decree no. 196/2003 as well as of suitable security measures ensuring confidentiality, integrity, correctness, availability and update.


No data resulting from the User’s website navigation shall be communicated or spread, unless otherwise provided for by applicable laws and regulations. “To spread” means disclose data to indefinite subjects in any way whatsoever, including making them available for consultation.

The data voluntarily submitted by the User shall not be spread, but may be communicated to: natural or legal persons that, including by virtue of agreements entered into with the Company, provide specific processing services or connected ancillary activities, or activities necessary to fulfil the submitted request, subject to an assignment letter providing for an obligation to confidentiality and security; authorized bodies or institutions as far as their obligations are concerned within the limits set forth by the law.

The personal data conferred with the User’s consent can be communicated to:

a. our Company's subsidiaries or associated companies or third parties for which the knowledge of the User’s personal data is necessary or however functional for the purposes of our business activities or those of our Company's subsidiaries or associated companies or companies having entered into agreements related to the production and marketing of products offered by our Company. The communication of such data shall be aimed at ensuring continuity in the services offered as well as at monitoring proper operation and realizing and providing additional services;

b. natural or legal persons based in Italy and/or abroad to which the Data Controller has assigned the performance of all or part of the activities connected to the abovementioned purposes (bodies/companies to which Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A. assigns activities including assistance, advertising, promotional and sales services to customers concerning our services/products; AGCMO, the Italian authority for communication guarantees, and any other public body authorized to request data pursuant to a law or a legally binding regulation). In these cases, such persons shall act as “persons in charge of” or “responsible” for data processing.


Pursuant to art. 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the data subjects have the right to:

a) obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning them, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form;

b) obtain information on the origin of personal data, as well as the purposes and methods of processing;
c) obtain information on the logic involved in any processing through electronic means;

d) obtain the updating, correction or, should they wish, the integration of data;

e) obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in an unlawful manner;
f) obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data that does not need to be stored for the purposes for which data has been collected or subsequently processed;

g) obtain the confirmation that the updating, correction, integration, cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking have been brought to the attention, also with regard to their content, of those to whom such data has been disclosed, unless this proves impossible or requires an unreasonable use of resources with respect to the right involved;

h) on legitimate grounds, to oppose, in whole or in part, to their personal data to be processed, even though pertinent to the purpose of collection;

i) to oppose, in whole or in part, to their personal data to be processed for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for market research or the sending of commercial messages.

The interested parties may exercise their rights by sending a request to the following:

· by PEC (certified e-mail):

· by fax: to +39 06 5042627

· by mail to: Ufficio MarketingHitachi Systems CBT S.p.A, Via F.P. Da Cherso n.30 – 00143 Roma (RM)


The website users can take part in the Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A. platform on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. The main goal is to allow and facilitate the sharing of contents.

Nonetheless, Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A. shall not be held responsible for the Users’ voluntary sharing on the Social Media of their personal data, which may be later used illegitimately by third parties.


Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A. shall not deliberately use this website to request kids under 18 to provide their personal data.


This privacy information note can be automatically viewed on the latest browsers implementing the P3P standard (“Platform for Privacy Preferences Project”) proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium (

We will try to enhance as much as possible the interoperability between the functions of this website and the privacy automatic control systems available on some of the products used by the Users.

In light of the fact the automatic control systems may currently present errors or malfunctioning, we hereby point out that this document is the "Privacy Policy" of the website “” of Hitachi Systems CBT S.p.A., as updated (the updated versions shall be made available).