Partner Program


The “WebRainbow Partner Program” is dedicated to all that ICT companies which want to differentiate themeselves on the market by adding to their portfolio the most innovative Italian platform of Enterprise Information Management: WebRainbow®.

Invest in EIM systems

While the market of ERP and legacy systems is going through difficult times, as it increasingly difficult to correlate the advantages to the costs, for the EIM systems there is still good room on the market as they produce Returns on Investments in very short and measurable time-scales.

Selected Partners

The partners are selected according to territory, market and specialization: it is a continually-evolving smart community, whose members share project experiences and propose business initiatives that are sometimes joint ventures.

Win-Win Partnerships

CBT and its Partners share a win-win partnership model, that on the one hand lets the WebRainbow platform - and its related support supplied - to grow and, on the other, allows to address the daily business challenge to the best.

Constant updating

A constant updating of rules and regulations is also made available. This benefits the Partners for compliance of solutions and platform.